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M&E Consultants, LLC, is an engineering firm that began business  on October 1, 2001. The professionals and technicians at M&E have more than 500 years experience with  Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), formally the Soil Conservation Service (SCS). Our experience is in planning, design, construction oversight, program administration and engineering management.

M&E Consultants provides planning, design, and construction oversight for soil and water engineering projects. Our extensive experience has been applied in the construction of new dams as well as rehabilitation and repair of existing dams. M&E has experience with hydraulic structures, retaining walls, stream channel restoration, ad other NRCS engineering work. M&E is capable of developing hydraulic studies including breach inundation maps and providing erosion control solutions and EPA storm water pollution abatement plans for construction sites.

M&E Consultants, LLC works in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. We specialize in working with local units of government; especially those that sponsor NRCS project work. Project work includes Public Law 106-472 (Rehabilitation), Public Law 566 and 534 (Watershed) and Emergency Watershed Program (EWP). M&E also works with units of government not involved with NRCS projects, other engineering firms and individuals that need assistance with jobs described above.

Quality & Efficiency! Our experience and knowledge of NRCS policies and procedures provide a finished product that is identical to project work done by the NRCS. M&E Consultants' efficiency results in a reduction in time to local sponsors procuring planning and design services for NRCS projects. Other engineering firms can benefit from M&E Consultants' improved efficiency when NRCS review is required.

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